In the style of an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, please let me introduce myself.

‘Hi, My name’s Jemma and I’m an alcoholic blogger.’

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog then I wanted to let you know that it’s all written by me. If you hated it and thought it a bit shit then I’ve actually no idea who wrote it, I’m just the tea lady.

In a Top of the Pops style manner, let me tell you some boring facts about myself:-

1. I used to be a lawyer (just saw your fillings when you yawned then),

2. I can tap dance (but I don’t because my bum’s too wobbly these days and no one needs a jiggling, dancing blancmange in their life),

3. I love to write and write better than I talk (like the reverse of a reality TV star)

4. My pet rabbit bit me as a child but I still loved and cared for it afterwards. This has been the theme of my life – being nice to people who are dickheads.

5. The most important thing in my life (aside from my kids and husband) is the biscuit tin (no. 2 is making more sense now, isn’t it?),

Anyway, feel free to have a rummage (round my blog not my biscuit tin – that’s off limits) and if you’d like to get in touch, drop me e-mail to popcornlunch1@gmail.com or track me down on social media.

Jem (lover of biscuits and vicious rabbits)

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