Sticky Fingers Arts Cafe, Newry

We spent a rainy Friday morning of the summer holidays at Sticky Fingers Arts Café in Newry.

I must confess to actually never having heard of this place before until one of my lovely Facebook followers mentioned it.

How glad I am she did. This place is nothing short of utterly gorgeous.

The minute we walked in, I was instantly intrigued. The pretty front door leads into the actual arts café, which is a delightful little bohemian café full of painted reclaimed furniture, bunting, play things for the kids and lots and lots of craft materials. The beauty of this place is that the kids can sip on a smoothie and create crafty, imaginative keepsakes while we adults relax with a cappuccino and some cake.

That, in my book, is one winning combination.

As my eldest two children (6 and 4) were busy drawing, colouring and gluing and I was busy relaxing, the thought did cross my mind that this really was a perfect way to spend a morning.

But there’s more!

It doesn’t end there.

Once you’ve revitalised in the sublime little café, you can then enter the absolutely enthralling “Imaginarium,” which is, in short, a bit like a different world.

Entered by an enchanting little door (just the right size for kids), you are transported into every child’s dream. It’s been a long time since I’ve known my eldest daughter (6) to be speechless, but speechless she was.

The Imaginarium is an absolute feast for little senses. There is so much to explore and every detail has been carefully thought out.

From beautiful little fairy houses (with actual miniature furniture set up inside) to a tunnel under rolling hills, to a giant spaceship kids can board and pretend to fly (complete with a kitchen and sleeping quarters accessible by a perfectly delightful little wooden ladder). That’s not to mention the indoor beach and make-believe ocean complete with its own little rowing boat.


My kids were absolutely mesmerized from the minute they stepped through the door, helped also by the wonderful staff who really set the scene, talking of fairies and trolls; it’s all completely captivating.

My mind was set when I saw the way my children’s eyes sparkled and how they wanted to drink in every single little feature of this stunning place.

They were completely enthralled and their little imaginations were in overdrive throughout our visit.

In short, Sticky Fingers Arts Cafe is bewitching and a very, very lovely way to spend a rainy morning!



  1. 21st August 2017 / 7:18 am

    Coincidentally I also visited this place for the first time ever last week. I hadn’t heard of it either but went with my sister-in-law. Kids loved it. Cappuccinos great. No wifi on the cafe and staring at your phone discouraged which is a great way of rediscovering the lost art of conversation

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