Parenting Our Way to Peace in Northern Ireland (a non-political rant about being nice)

This isn’t going to be a political post.
Truth be told, I know very little about politics. I’ve been known to confuse BBC news anchors with politicians.

The problem with spending my youth in textbooks is that I know very little. I know nothing much of world affairs, or how to make a decent lasagne for that matter.

Tell you what I do know though; there’s no excuse for not being nice.

Truly, I don’t know what’s wrong with some people. They desperately need to remove their heads from your jacksies and BE NICE. You can probably tell by now that this isn’t going to be an informed, well-researched piece on the politics of Northern Ireland. (I did try to warn you at the start.) But there is a point to it all….I will get to it eventually (although I said the same thing about our cloakroom that I’ve been meaning to clean out since 2015 and lost a child in the other day).

I’ve recently had a rubbish few days. We all get them. Things don’t go to plan, old niggling worries come back to niggle a bit more and you just feel a bit shit. As I said, we all get them. Then I logged in to my blog’s Facebook page and within minutes was smiling, even howling with laughter a couple of times. For a quick read through some of the comments is enough to cheer anyone up. I can quite honestly say that since I started my blog in May, the hilarious comments and banter from those that follow it have lifted my spirits countless times. They are a tonic.

And the beauty of it is that it’s a politics-free zone. It’s important to me that it stays that way. Protestant, Catholic, none of it matters, we’re all just parents winging it.

Personally (and I am respectful of the fact that not everyone in Northern Ireland is ready to feel like this just yet) I couldn’t care less what religion anyone is. I work on the very straightforward principle that if you’re nice I’ll like you, if you’re not, I probably won’t (I make exception for my sister, who is one of the most vicious people I know – but she is hilarious and my sister so I obviously adore her).

I know many people from my own side of the community who will barely lift their eyes to me, never mind grant me the privilege of a “hello” at the school gates. Many people from my own side of the community who couldn’t find it in themselves to give my blog page a teeny virtual thumbs up. And yet, I have received some of the loveliest messages of support from members of the opposite side of the community.

What it boils down to is that it doesn’t matter whether you do Chapel, Church or none, there is no excuse for not being a decent human being. Especially towards fellow parents. Because truly, you don’t know who’s been hit up the face by an airborne Iggle Piggle that very morning. You don’t know who’s hurrying off to work with toddler-regurgitated banana chunks through their hair. You don’t know who’s been up writing blog posts at 1am because it’s the only hour in the entire day when the house is totally quiet.

So go on, parent the shit out of peace in our wee Northern Ireland. Send a text to that Protestant you know from work who’s just had a baby asking if she’d like a casserole brought round (obviously casserole is code for gin). Ask the Catholic you met at Zumba out for coffee (and maybe cake just to be hilariously ironic).

We are united in a common lack of sleep and partially shit-stained clothing.

Call me naïve, call me stupid, call me maybe…., wait no, that last one was a song.

Anyway, you get the picture. Catholic or Protestant. Don’t be a dick.



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    Lovely Jemma

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