Being a Busy Mum, Blogger and Rubbish Cook (HiPP Organic to the Rescue!)


I’m not known for my culinary prowess, just ask the following people:-

1. My long-suffering and malnourished husband

2. The staff in the Chinese takeaway down the road,

3. My friend Amy who gets served (badly cooked) frozen pizza every time she comes to visit.

My cooking skills are rather basic. They were once considered “average,” but were downgraded following an unfortunate incident involving some corn flour and a courgette. Add to the mix (see what I did there) the fact that I’m a busy mum of 3, and a blogger, and you have the recipe (I’m on a roll here) for kitchen disaster.

Despite my food preparation failings, like all mums, I want to serve my children delicious AND nutritious food. I want them to be adventurous with food and to try new textures, flavours and cooking styles.

My youngest little girl (whom we fondly call “monkeybum” because of her mischievous ways) is 10 months old; so far she has demonstrated an impressively intrepid streak when it comes to trying new foods.

With this being my third experience of weaning, I’m all too aware of how vitally important it is to introduce a variety of different flavours at this stage. Trying a wide range of grub at this stage definitely helps prevent baby turning fussy later on!

While it all sounds great in theory, being able to introduce your baby to a whole spectrum of different foods, especially if you have other children, can be tricky and time-consuming. There are days when you’re just glad everyone’s made it to school wearing both shoes never mind having the time to invent, prepare, steam and purée up a root vegetable/super food combo for the littlest one.

HiPP Organic, however, know babies AND parents. They know how busy life gets, but they also know how important it is to serve up tasty, good food.

Even though I can’t cook very well, we try to eat organic as much as possible and so we were very excited to have been sent some of HiPP Organic’s new and improved (and scrumptious!) baby food jars to try.

In true “Hungry Caterpillar” style, our little monkeybum has eaten her way through several of HiPP Organic’s tasty jars this week. With not a single bite having been refused, my daughter has asked me to confirm that they are indeed totally delicious! Her personal favourites were Pasta Bake with Fish, Cheesy Spinach Tagliatelle, Risotto with Turkey and Vegetables, Potatoes with Tomato and Chicken and Wholemeal Spaghetti with Vegetables.

We love that the jars can be heated up in the microwave or served at room temperature, completely perfect for on the go. I’m sure other parents will vouch for the fact that it can be really hard finding something for a young baby to eat in a café or restaurant. When monkeybum and I came over all posh and went to meet some friends for brunch earlier this week, I brought one of our HiPP Organic jars along and its funky labeling made us look so much cooler than we are (we’re not remotely cool).

The following day, we’d all been out for the evening and, having arrived back quite late and treated the other children to fish and chips, it was great being able to reach into the cupboard for a delicious and ready made meal for the littlest member of our family.

The HiPP Organic baby food jars are so handy for those super busy days and the recipes are creative, enticing and wonderfully varied. I also love that the jar is recyclable, which helps keep my eco-conscience clear.

We’ve always been fans of HiPP Organic products and having had the opportunity to try a lovely selection of their new and improved 10 month + baby food jars, we are more than happy to recommend them as perfect for little tummies and busy mummies!

Disclaimer – we were sent a selection of HiPP Organic baby food jars in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are entirely our own and, as is obvious, we completely love HiPP Organic baby food jars!

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