A Very Grown Up View on Kids’ TV: PART 2

My previous mutterings on some popular children’s TV went down so well that I thought I would add more of my CBeebies related thoughts.

If you have a bottle of wine handy, now’s a good time to pour it , or, since no one’s being fancy here, have a giant slurp straight from the bottle – one less thing for the dishwasher, eh?


Justin’s House

So let’s ignore the fact that this show is essentially about a middle-aged man inviting hordes of children to his house to “play.”

And let’s also ignore that Justin’s waistcoat looks like it’s made from the exact same material as the little jiffy pots we grew cress in at primary school.

So ignoring those minor issues, let’s focus on the main issue: out of curiosity, have you EVER seen Justin leave for work?

No, you haven’t have you?

Hey kids!

Guess what?

When you’re a grown-up, you’ll defin