The Boots Maternity and Infant Awards 2018 and Other Ramblings

I don’t get paid to write my blog and, after a brief dalliance with brands back in the early days, decided that sponsored work wasn’t for me (mostly because you’re supposed to make the products look appealing and I have the photography skills of a sausage roll).

As is the case for many bloggers, I blog because I want to help other mums and dads realise that the everyday chaos, the tantrums, the putting of shitty nappies into tumble dryers, the shouting of inappropriate remarks at strangers in Asda, the self-doubt, the low moments, the tiredness, the non-Instagram living room… all rather normal.

I want other parents to know that they are not failing because they harbour a secret loathing for swimmming pool changing rooms or hand over the iPad just to get a 10 minute reprieve from being asked what an ostrich’s’ bum might look like.

In return, your comments and messages across my social media platforms are a tonic for me. They have me howling with laughter and, on days when I’ve felt parentally inadequate, one of you will pop-up to tell me you’re knee-deep in Merlot after having suffered a rather shitty day too.

And so, if my blog has ever given you a wee chuckle, made you nod along in agreement or made you feel slightly less alone in these murky waters of parenting, then I have a little favour to ask.

Popcorn for Lunch is nominated in the best parenting blog category of the Boots Maternity & Infant Awards and I would really appreciate your vote.

I sense that the organisers think I might lower the tone as I have received a stern e-mail telling me I am not allowed to run a competition to get votes, along with various other stringent conditions. That obviously put a dampener on my plans to auction off the children.

Anyway, from the bottom of my heart I want to thank my readers for keeping this mama going. And, if this blog has ever helped you in any small way, I’d be ever so grateful if you could spare a moment to cast a vote.

Jem x


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