NOT Another Soppy Back to School Poem!

It’s come to that time of the year,
When lots of Mums are shedding a tear,
For their little babies are starting P1,
And with emotion they’re quite overcome.


But Mummy! Take note! There’s no need to be sad,
Have you seen the resources their classroom has?
Have you seen all the books and colouring pages?
Have you seen the little friendships begin that will last the ages?


It’s an exciting new adventure, there’s no need to fret,
They’ll soon settle in, don’t get upset.
There’s so much for them to enjoy,
Such lovely teachers for them to annoy.


And Mummy, don’t forget about you,
You deserve some ‘me time’ too!
Yes, you might miss them terribly,
But have you considered some retail therapy?


Mummy, when you wave goodbye, don’t feel vexed!
Just run like the wind to Primark or Next,
Where you’ll be able to try on some clothes,
Without once saying, ‘do as you’re told!’


Coffee shops are no longer ‘No Go Zones,’
You’ll find the Key Stage 2 mums there in their droves,
So relax with a latte, spend an hour if you like,
Gaze smugly at the Mum with the screaming toddler on the trike!


Before too long, it’ll be time to fetch your little one,
And the first of many a school run must be done,
Out they’ll come to you with big smiles all round,
Telling you of a new friend they have found.


So Mummy, yes off to school they must go,
But there’s something you need to know.
As you send them on their way,
Just remember,
They’ll be home to you at the end of the day.




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