‘Have the Courage to be Disliked’

‘Have the Courage to be Disliked’

I read this quote recently on Instagram and it struck quite the proverbial chord.

At school, university, work, even in Lidl’s…I wanted to be ‘liked.’

Truth is, sometimes, it gets bloody tedious to paste on a smile when someone throws their stuff onto the conveyor belt without putting down the ‘Next Customer’ sign.

Sometimes you just want to swipe their baked goods away from your 5 multipacks of replica Snickers bars and tell them to respect your groceries’ personal space.

I remember once, not long after I’d finished university, I was in Tesco and encountered a girl I’d gone to school with. She had been in the ‘cool’ gang, mostly by default of being very pretty and a hockey player, which were the requirements of being popular back then. I shuffled past her awkwardly and squeaked a polite, hopeful, ‘hello,’ making direct eye contact.

She ignored me.

Even as grown adults we hadn’t moved far past playground politics. It upset me for days.

But why? Why was I so scared of her disapproval?

These days, I make a point of putting down that ‘Next Customer’ sign. Setting my own boundary in a small act of rebellion that proclaims I will do what I need to do regardless of my fellow shopper’s opinion.

So, hi everyone. I’m Jemma, I’m a die-hard Britney fan and supporter of the ‘Next customer’ signs in supermarkets. I like funny people and the odd glass of white wine. I have many, many flaws including staying up too late at night writing or watching Escape fo the Country then moaning bitterly about being tired the next day. The things I love most in life are my children, writing and decent coffee. I often speak before I think and can be hideously judgemental. I swear when I’m very cross and can’t stick to diets.

You can dislike me if you want to.

It’s not very scary anymore.

In other news, how breathtakingly beautiful is our wee Portstewart Strand?



  1. 12th August 2018 / 6:25 pm

    You know what’s even better than being brave enough to be disliked????!!!!! When you are brave enough to be yourself . . . and people like you!!!!! I haven’t met you – but I guarantee – I’d like you and we’d probably be great friends! Amazing post, by the way!!!!!!!!

  2. 13th August 2018 / 4:09 am

    Even though anxiety is usually swirling wildly inside me I like to think I have taken being disliked pretty well. It’s really hard especially when I am kind at heart. People have a way to make others feel small and it’s hurtful.

    It’s nice to meet you and know that you are authentic. Keep that up because this is how you come across really good people.

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